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API 001


This API provides access to price recommendations directly from the Wheelhouse pricing engine. It allows direct customers to integrate the recommendations into their own website and booking system.

Additionally, property management systems and channel managers can connect their customers with best in class pricing data.

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API pricing

API 002

Demand signal

This API provides users with demand insights for future stay dates. We generate a predictive and a reactive demand signal for each stay date to indicate high and low demand periods.

Our predictive demand is derived from market asking price information while our reactive demand is based on market booking pace.

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API demand driven

API 003

Comparable sets

The Comparable (Comp) Set API allows users to view existing comp sets for a listing.

Additionally, this API exposes endpoints for returning all listings in a comp set, adding and removing listings from a comp set, obtaining an overview or highlight of a comp set's features, and obtaining a pricing calendar for listings in a comp set.

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API comparable sets

API 004

Just-in-time pricing

The Just-in-time Pricing API allows users to fetch price recommendations for a listing on demand without having to create a unit in Wheelhouse or upload any calendar or booking data.

The recommendations will be less specific than from our full Pricing API but can be integrated more easily and with less development time.

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API pricing

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