Market insights

Stay ahead of your evolving market

Discover key trends & informative outliers to respond precisely to your market's booking patterns

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Keep a pulse on your market with a real-time data for key performance metrics.



Discover new opportunities

See where historic patterns in your market are shifting to discover new revenue opportunities.



Mitigate risk

Plan & communicate your evolving pricing strategy, before the market leaves you behind.

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Forward-looking analysis

Quickly see where, when & who is performing well, to make effective updates to your pricing strategy.



Accurately predict occupancy

Leverage Wheelhouse's occupancy projections to easily detect events or pricing opportunities near you.



Understand available inventory

See where supply shortages or surges inform a more precise pricing approach.

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Detailed historical metrics

Dive deeply into multiple views of your current or future markets, to inform pricing or investment strategies.



Analyze past performance

Unpack how your market historically responds to high demand events, weekends or seasons.



Prepare for the future

Translate historical performance into your most accurate future-facing pricing strategy.

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Ready to Expand?

Operators and investors leverage Wheelhouse's market reports to analyze new opportunities for short– or mid–term rental opportunities.



Expand with confidence

Explore market trends that can help you & your team identify markets or neighborhoods for deeper research.



Avoid Mistakes

Make sure you select the best properties, but clearly understanding market conditions well before you invest.

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Unlimited markets

Track as many markets as you'd like within your markets dashboard.

Segment top performers

Isolate different levels of performers to get a more granular view.

See every local listing

Easily see all nearby listings across every major channel.

Export everything

Export charts, graphs and data, to share insights with teammates, owners or investors.

Explore different attributes

Visualize data for different types of listings, stay lengths, and performance.

Compare different years

Layer in YoY details, to see how upcoming market conditions relate to the past.

Understand overall trends

See day of week, seasonal and other demand-driven pricing insights.

Explore date ranges

Look years into the past and explore 12+ months into the future.

Understand each attribute

See how many listings have a porch, pool, patio or more in your market.


Worldwide coverage

1,500+ markets, 100+ countries

Urban & vacation destinations

Adding new markets weekly

As a company, we perform an incredible amount of due diligence.  There was one clear product and team that stood head and shoulders above any other we evaluated - Wheelhouse. The team helped us answer every question and made a complex & potentially lengthy onboarding process a breeze.

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