Performance Analytics

Track & maximize your portfolio performance

Analyze bookings, track pacing & pickup, leverage A/B tests & budgets to ensure you always exceed your revenue goals

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Feature 01

Performance tracking made easy

Gain clarity on how your portfolio is performing on a precise level.



Visualize your pickup

See where your portfolio is see accelerating or slowing in bookings, so you can quickly evolve your pricing strategy.



Track your pacing

Quickly see how your revenue, occupancy and other key performance indicators are pacing toward your goals.

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Feature 02

Instant A/B Comparisons

Easily set up advance A/B tests to quickly understand the impact of price limits, minimum stays, cancellation policies, or any other aspect of your strategy.



Test & Learn

Easily understand the impact of every business, operational or pricing decision in your ever-evolving market.



Confirm your ideal approach

Leverage A/B tests to ensure you have a complete understanding of your listings, market & booking trends.

Booking insights a/b comparison

Feature 03

Precise budget tracking

Ensure you stay consistently ahead of budget expectations to impress your teammates, owners or other stakeholders.



Increase financial awareness

Build a monthly or annual budget in seconds, in order to measure progress toward your goals.



Communicate effectively

Ensure your budget, revenue & pricing discussions are informed, precise & effective.

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Feature 04

Year-over-year analysis

Multiple views to enable your team to easily see your prior performance.



Improve every year

Leverage learnings from prior years to help fine-tune your revenue strategies.



Adjust strategies early

Spot emerging trends to ensure pricing decisions are reflective of your evolving market.

Booking insights year-over-year

Feature 5

Understand through segmentation

Filter your portfolio around any attribute, location, inventory type or more, to gain a precise understanding of your revenue drivers.



Isolate each variable

Filter listings to see how performance on a subset of listings are impacting overall your performance.



Highly actionable insights

Make precise changes and outperform revenue expectations on every aspect of your portfolio.

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Pickup chart

Easily see where your portfolio is experiencing high or low booking velocity.

Pacing chart

Track how your revenue & occupancy is building for a particular month.

Instant A/B tests

Develop the most effective pricing strategies in your market.

Budget Tracking

Track your performance to ensure you're always exceeding your budget.

Year-over-year clarity

Identify changing market conditions to ensure you stay ahead.

See all bookings

Examine each individual booking to deeply understand performance.

Export everything

Share images or spreadsheets in order to communicate or investigate anything.

Metric exploration

Explore revenue, occupancy, ADR, RevPar, and more to gain a complete picture of your business.

Charts or tables

Leverage two displays to get a deeper understanding of your data.

As a company, we perform an incredible amount of due diligence.  There was one clear product and team that stood head and shoulders above any other we evaluated - Wheelhouse. The team helped us answer every question and made a complex & potentially lengthy onboarding process a breeze.

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